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2009-10 Water Resources Education Network Projects

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The Water Resources Education Network (WREN) Project, a program of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund announces the award of $49,805 in funding to community partnerships across the state.  Projects will carry out water resources education projects in the coming year.  Funding comes from PA Department of Environmental Protection Nonpoint Source Management Program through Section 319 of the federal Clean Water Act) for activities that will address nonpoint source pollution issues on a watershed basis.  The successful grantees of the 2009-2010 WREN grant program are:


1. Allegheny CountyAllegheny County Parks - Grant Amount:  $5,000  

Contact:  Andy Baechle – Director of Parks, Allegheny County, 215-348-9915,

Email Andrew.Baechle@AlleghenyCounty.US       

The Allegheny County Parks Educational Signage & Programs in Boyce Park project will educate  Allegheny County residents about the severe impacts of acid mine drainage on the watershed and a successful remediation project through interpretive signage at the site of a major passive treatment demonstration project in a public park, Boyce Park.

Partners:  Turtle Creek Watershed Assoc, Allegheny County CD, DEP District Mining Office

2.  Allegheny County: Earth Force, Inc. -- Grant Amount:  $5,000

Contact:  Kostoula Vallianos, Earth Force Program Manager, 412-431-4449 Ext 238,

Email: kvallianos@lea.earthforce.org

The Allegheny Earth Force “Messages Upon the Mon” Teachers in Service project will raise awareness about the connection between polluted stormwater runoff and water quality by engaging approximately 30 K-12 educators in watershed education workshops, and enlisting school students to participate in the service learning project through a series of storm drain stenciling campaigns in an urban business district in Pittsburgh.

Partners:  ALCOSAN (Allegheny County Sanitary Authority), City of Pittsburgh - Council District #3, Conservation Consultants, Inc.


3.  Bucks CountyDoylestown Township –  Grant Amount:  $4,650

Contact:  Sandra Brookley Zadell,   215-348-9915, Email:  sbrookley@doylestownpa.org 

The Doylestown Community and Student Rain Garden Education project will educate Doylestown Township residents and students at Delaware Valley College about the importance of installing rain gardens, rain barrels, and other “green” approaches to manage stormwater runoff. The project will hold a rain garden design challenge and install the winning design at Delaware Valley College in Doylestown Township along with a series of homeowner how-to workshops with a raffle of free rain barrels for rain garden workshop attendees

Partners:  Delaware Valley College, Bucks County Conservation District

4.  Butler and Lawrence countiesPA Cleanways of Butler – Lawrence Counties -- Grant Amount:  $5,000  

Contact:  Jerry Zona – Executive Director, 724-658-6925, Email:  butlerlawrencecleanways@verizon.net

PA Cleanways of Butler-Lawrence Counties partnership will conduct a comprehensive hands-on public education program to illustrate the effects of illegal dumping on the Shenango River, a source of drinking water for the City of New Castle, through the cleanup of an illegal dumpsite to re-beautify Big Run in Cascade Park, development of an educational video of the cleanup effort, and a placemat contest targeting students ages 8 to 18, which will  produce 50,000 placemats featuring the winning student designs for outreach through local restaurants.

Partners:  Lawrence County Recycling/Solid Waste Dept, City of New Castle


5.   Chester County: White Clay Wild and Scenic Program (White Clay Creek Watershed Management Committee) -- Grant Amount:  $4,690

Contact:  Linda Stapleford, River Administrator, 302-731-1756

Email: Riveradministrator@whiteclay.org

The White Clay Reforestation Outreach Project will educate and motivate municipal officials and landowners in London Grove and Franklin Townships, Chester County, to reforest open space to protect water resources through an educational workshop, supporting materials, and follow up expertise to assist with future planting of 5000 trees within the two municipalities.

Partners: White Clay Watershed Association (WCWA), Brandywine Conservancy, Stroud Water Research Center, London Grove Township, Franklin Township (Chester County, PA)


6.  Chester County: The East Fallowfield Township Park and Recreation Commission –

Grant Amount:  $5,000

Contact:  Peter Massaro - Chair, Park & Recreation Commission, Email:  PMassaro@tierde.com


The East Fallowfield Community Park Rain Garden Project will raise awareness among residents about the role that rain gardens can play in protecting the watershed from effects of stormwater runoff and nonpoint source pollution through a community workshop and hands-on participation in rain garden demonstration plantings in the new township park, along with interpretive signs, watershed stewardship web page, exhibit and tour of the rain gardens.

Partners:  Brandywine Valley Association, The Glen Rose Conservancy, Harker Gardening Service, LLC


7.  Fulton County Conservation District -- Grant Amount:  $4,365

Contact:  Scott Alexander, Watershed Specialist, 717-485-3547, Ext 118,   Email:  scott_fccd@pa.net

The Little Aughwick Creek Watershed Protection Project will raise awareness about impacts of polluted runoff, educate local residents and visitors to the watershed about how their actions affect water quality, and promote water sustaining land use policies and planning by local government in Todd Township through installation of two interpretive signs at prominent tourist locations along the banks of the Little Aughwick Creek, production of an educational placemat for use in area restaurants, survey of Todd Township riparian property owners, mailing of educational information about streamside buffers to residents, expanded the water quality monitoring program, and a public meeting to present the results of water testing and discuss issues, actions and policies.

Partners:  Todd Township, Fulton County Planning Commission, Friends of the Little Aughwick Creek, Cowans Gap State Park/DCNR, Western PA Conservancy, ALLARM, Burnt Cabins Grist Mill

8.  Lehigh CountyCity of Allentown – Grant Amount:  $5,000

Contact:  Greg A. Weitzel, Dir. Dept of Parks & Rec.  weitzel@allentowncity.org . 610-437-7750

The Allentown Stream Bank Restoration & Riparian Buffer Education & Mobilization Project will include educational forums, technical trainings, field reviews, and a video that will educate and mobilize important stakeholders to reduce impacts of polluted stormwater runoff in streamside public park lands and the Little Lehigh River watershed, which serves as the source of drinking water for the City of Allentown.

Partners: City of Allentown Bureau of Water Resources, Lehigh County Conservation District, Wildlands Conservancy, Allentown Shade Tree Commission, Allentown Environmental Advisory Council, Friends of Allentown Parks


9.  Northampton County Conservation District -- Grant Amount:  $5,000

Contact:  Jim Wilson, Watershed Specialist/AgTechnician, Email: james-wilson@northamptoncd.org , 610-746-1971

The Fry’s Run Coldwater Conservation Plan Implementation Project is to promote awareness and build a community coalition of diverse stakeholders to implement Conservation Plan recommendations for water resource protection through a homeowner workshop, farm assessment meetings, review and report on Williams Township subdivision and land development ordinance provisions to ensure water resource protection, development of a website, newsletter, and brochure for Fry’s Run Watershed and design and production of a tabletop exhibit for community events.

Partners: Fry’s Run Watershed Association, Williams Township Board of Supervisors, Natural Resources Conservation Service


10.  Union County: Lower Penns Creek Watershed Association (LPCWA) -- Grant Amount:  $5,000

Contact:  Jason Winey, Snyder Co CD Watershed Specialist, 570-837-3000, ext 112: jwiney@ptd.net

The New Berlin Rain Garden Project will promote watershed awareness among residents of New Berlin Borough about low cost, low impact options to reduce uncontrolled erosion and stormwater runoff from community ball field areas to the nearby Penns Creek, and offer an opportunity for the Lower Penns Creek Watershed Association to tackle its first on the ground demonstration project through installation of two showcase rain gardens using native plants and interpretive rain garden signage.

Partners:  Snyder County Conservation District, Borough of New Berlin, Community Partnerships RC&D Council, Inc, USDA-NRCS, New Berlin Borough Council, New Berlin Rec. Assoc., New Berlin Mayor


11Multi county, West Branch Susquehanna:  Trout Unlimited -  Grant Amount:  $1,100  

Contact:  Rachel Kester, 570-748-4901 Email:  rkester@tu.org

The West Branch Susquehanna AMD Education coalition partners will develop and present a series of public information sessions and tours that detail the current abandoned mine drainage (AMD) problems, remediation activities, and economic benefits of remediation in the West Branch Susquehanna River Watershed for a target audience of approximately 300 municipal officials, high school teachers, university students and local residents to encourage partnerships between municipalities and watershed groups to complete AMD projects, with WREN funding to support  the participation of municipal officials who have volunteered to serve as speakers.

Partners:  Lawrence Township Board of Supervisors, Clearfield County Conservation District, West Branch Susquehanna Restoration Coalition

For more information, contact Julie Kollar, WREN Program Director, (267) 468-0555 or juliekwren@verizon.net

Learn more about how to be funded or view our listings by county to see projects from previous years as well.



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