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The WREN grant was the first grant Antietam Watershed Association had
received.  it was a great way to get introduced to the area of watershed
preservation.  The program offers a great opportunity to network, get to
know what else is going on around the state, etc.  also just a great social
experience.  Since receiving the WREN grant, AWA has received a $100,000
grant from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, one of just four
grants awarded throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed.  We're now applying
for a 319 implementation planning grant.

-Steve Rettig, president, AWA,Franklin County

The Meadville Area Water Authority has received a number of WREN grants
over the years which has helped us develop our educational program from a
format of going to a few schools armed with only "The Story of Drinking
Water" booklets and a few copied handouts, to a wonderful and very
successful hands on experience complete with models to demonstrate
watersheds, aquifers, groundwater and surface water contamination,
distribution and water/sewer treatment, purchased through our WREN grants
and our Source Water Protection Grant.  We began our presentations to 6th
graders at four area schools.  This program has grown to include the sixth
grade classes at seven area schools and we have added a very successful
poster contest to our outreach program, for which we have one hundred
percent participation.  That is a huge statement about the school
districts' and the teachers' opinions as to the importance of our program
with regard to their state requirements for environmental education.  In
addition, through our WREN grants, we have developed handouts for the
second grade classes and the fourth grade classes at these same schools, as
well as the eigth grade classes at the middle school.  We are very pleased
with the growth of our educational outreach program and know that much of
its success has been made possible through the WREN grants that we have

-Yvonne Shaffer, Meadville Area Water Authority, Erie County

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