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As of March 2014, this Site is no longer being maintained.
Please visit WREN's new website at www.waterwisepa.org for complete information, grants and publications.


2014 WREN Grant Round is Closed

Deadline for Applications was 3/21/14

WREN Projects help communities protect and improve our most precious natural resource, clean water.

The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund (LWVPA-CEF) through its WREN Project (Water Resources Education Network) has funding available to help launch or strengthen community partnerships that raise awareness and educate citizens about ways to keep Pennsylvania water resources clean and healthy.

As a WREN Project leader, you can make a difference to assure that families will have clean water for generations to come through nature protection and sustainable development. WREN Projects helps residents and local officials each do their part to take action that will reduce risk and prevent pollution of the aquifers, lakes, rivers, streams, springs and the places we fish, swim and enjoy. Check out the many terrific projects we've already funded to get creative ideas. No need to re-invent the wheel.

For 2014, WREN offers two grant programs to help local community partnerships raise awareness about threats to their water bodies and water supplies -- and promote solutions. If your proposal meets our criteria, we'll work together with you to help make your project a success.

A Watershed Education track with awards up to $5,000 to help foster local community partnerships that raise awareness, implement demonstration projects and encourage behavior change that will reduce polluted runoff.

We also offer a Source Water Protection track with awards up to $7,000 to foster regional or County-level Source Water Protection Collaboratives that will educate local officials and residents about ways to protect public drinking water resources from contamination, improve emergency response coordination and ensure the community water supply will be sustainable.

Proposals must be postmarked by Friday, March 21, 2014. Project activities for the 2014 round are to take place 7/1/2014 - 6/30/15.

2014 Watershed Education Grants

The goal of WREN's Watershed Education Grant Program is to raise public awareness about threats to Pennsylvania's waterways and promote solutions to polluted runoff problems. If you are seeking to encourage Pennsylvanians to adopt a beneficial behavior or to improve public water policy in your community regarding polluted runoff, also known as "nonpoint source pollution" (NPS), then this grant may be for you.

WREN invites grant proposals for Watershed Protection Education projects from coalitions of not-for profit organizations and conservation districts, and local governments. We are looking for projects that will educate Pennsylvania citizens and local officials about environmental responsibility or projects that will prevent or help clean up local waterways from problems caused by polluted runoff.

According to PADEP NPS Program Update, NPS pollution includes:

  • drainage or runoff from resource extraction, abandoned coal mines, oil or gas wells;
  • improper agricultural practices (erosion and sedimentation, nutrient management, pesticide application);
  • inadequate erosion control practices during construction and urban runoff;
  • altered hydrology (changing the way water flows through an area resulting from improper land use changes: impervious surfaces, stormwater and floodplain management, riparian buffers, wetlands, natural stream channels);
  • improper lake management practices (sediments, nutrients and metals contamination);
  • improper timber harvesting practices;
  • failing on-lot septic systems or other abandoned waste disposal sites.

Click here for more information and Applications for WREN Watershed Education Grants>>

The Source Water Protection Program seeks to raise awareness and encourage Pennsylvania public water suppliers and communities to voluntarily implement source water protection in a practical, sustainable way through preventative and risk reduction activities, and appropriate land management strategies. 

The goal of the WREN Source Water Protection (SWP) Education Grant Program is to support development of a regional or county coaltion that will conduct community education to build an informed citizenry who adopt water-friendly environmental behaviors and will encourage local officials to take action and make decisions that protect public drinking water resources and public health.

Click here for more information and Applications for WREN Source Water Protection Education Grants

The following are not eligible for WREN Grant funding: activities required by permit; by a draft or final NPDES permit such as CAFO’s or an MS-4 permit ARE NOT ELIGIBLE EXPENSES. Examples of activities requiring NPDES permits include Phase I and II storm water management facilities (including operators of Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems — MS-4s) and Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO/AFO) agricultural operations. Other ineligible expenses: promotional items, food and beverages; clothing, land or major equipment acquisition. Consult WREN for eligibility questions - email: info@palwv.org.



Opportunity Grants

Funding for Opportunity grants is not available at this time.

WREN Opportunity Grants may be available for grants to community groups to carry out local water education projects. Projects must be related to reduction of Nonpoint Source Pollution to Pennsylvania waterways. Maximum funding per project is $300. This is a reimbursement grant.


Download 2013 Opportunity Grant Application Form - Funding round is currently closed

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WREN Scholarships

Training Scholarship applications are not being accepted at this time due to lack of funding

Check back later.


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