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Social Marketing

Social Marketing websites

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NewThe psychology of sustainable behavior: Tips for empowering people to take environmentally positive action.

(Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, 2009, 34 pp)

Provides tips from psychology to improve sustainability campaigns and explains how individual sustainability contributes to broader social and policy change.

The Little Book of Social Marketing

The Little Book of Social Marketing

(SalterMitchell, 2009, 6 pp.)

Just what the title says!

Creating Common Ground

Creating Common Ground: Minnesota's Embrace Open Space as a case study in collaborative communication

(The MacKnight Foundation, 2008, 25 pp)


on tap

Do We Have a Water Problem? Using Social Marketing to Solve Problems

(On Tap, 2006, 1 p.)




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Developing Effective Citizen Engagement

Developing Effective Citizen Engagement: A How-to Guide for Community Leaders

(Center for Rural Pennsylvania, 2008, 28 pp.)

Eight step process to develop a plan for citizen engagement

Environmental Communication and Social Marketing Newsletter

Environmental Communication and Social Marketing Newsletter

(Univ of Wisconsin - Extension, 8 pp, Spring-Summer 2009, )

This newsletter contains a number of good articles on social marketing.



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Social Marketing Training

Social Marketing Training

Describes training programs in social marketing offered by Salter-Mitchell

Social Marketing

Getting Your Feet Wet with Social Marketing: A Social Marketing Guide for Watershed Programs

(Utah Dept of Agriculture and Food, 2007, 140 pp)

- designed to teach individuals or groups how to successfully promote behavior changes in their local area to targeted groups of people. Though this guide specifically addresses soil and water conservation and water quality efforts, it is based on principles that can be used in any aspect of society.

Getting in Step

Getting in Step: Engaging and Involving Stakeholders in Your Watershed
(US EPA, 2003, 75 pp)
Information on how to generate participation in watershed assessment, planning and management.


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Differences Between Strategic Frame Analysis and Social Marketing

(Frameworks Institute, 2 pp, 2007)

Discusses how public policy change and inidividual behavior change differ

Effectively Engaging People: Views from the World Social Marketing Conference 2008

Effectively Engaging People; Views from the World Social Marketing Conference 2008

(National Social Marketing Centre, 25 pp, 2008)



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Social Marketing Basics

The Basics of Social Marketing

(Turning Point Initiative, 25 pp)


Manager's Guide to Social Marketing


The Managers Guide to Social Marketing

(Turning Point Initiative, 28 pp)




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Social Marketing Resource Guide

Social Marketing- A Resource Guide

(Turning Point Initiative, 90 pp)

Social Marketing: Lessons from the Field

Social Marketing - Lesson from the Field

(Turning Point Iniative, 80 pp)




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Review of Social Marketing

(Canada Health, 15 pp, 2005)


Heating Up Society to Take Environmental Action

AED Center for Environmental Strategies, 48 pp, 2002)


Other information:


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