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2000 Water Resources Education Network Projects

The following projects were funded by LWVPA-CEF WREN Project. Check our listings by county to see projects from previous years as well.

Drinking Water Source Water Protection Projects
Watershed Protection Projects

Drinking Water Source Water Protection Projects

DuBois Watershed Commission, Clearfield County, will erect an eight foot by four foot sign identify the reservoir site, encouraging protection, listing contacts for education purposes, and listing hazardous spill contacts in case of emergency.

Huntingdon County Conservation District, will coordinate local resources to develop an educational program for middle school students and the community that focuses on protection of Standing Stone Creek, the community's drinking water source water. The group will make recommendations to the local governmental agency regarding a comprehensive watershed assessment.

Jefferson County Water Resource Network, will expand the teams established during the project's initial stage. Teams will receive additional equipment and curriculum materials, as well as, training to be able to educate their respective communities about protection of their drinking water source waters.

Jenks Township Municipal Authority, Forest County, will educate students through the school curriculum, use of groundwater simulator models, and educational videos. "Water Supply Area" signs will be installed to alert the public about the community's drinking water source waters, Salmon Creek and Millstone Creek.

Manayunk Development Corporation, Philadelphia, will expand its cross-curricular environmental service learning program centered on water quality to another school in the Phila. school district. The coalition will develop recommendations and report them to the Manayunk community.

Montour Run Watershed Association, Allegheny County, will create educational brochures and design and install educational signs on the Montour Trail.

The Municipal Authority of the Borough of Derry, Westmoreland County, will produce a brochure outlining the procedures necessary to keep Ethel Springs Reservoir, the community's drinking water source water, free of Canadian geese. Educational signs along the walking by the Reservoir will also be constructed

Octoraro Watershed Association, Chester and Lancaster Counties, leadership will undergo training to learn how to recruit and develop township liaison taskforces in each of the municipalities of the watershed. After these satellite groups have been established, OWA will sponsor community discussion groups in each municipality to hear ideas and concerns and to develop strategies regarding protection of the watershed.

Partnership for the Delaware Estuary, Inc., Southeastern PA, will develop a traveling educational display which will highlight the relationship between human behavior and the quality of the community's drinking water source water, the Delaware River

Philadelphia Water Department, will complete Phase II of the Belmont Water Intake Protection Project by finishing the stream bank restoration both upstream and downstream of the completed project area. Revegetation of Peter's Island and temporary fencing will deter geese from drinking water intake.

Southern Alleghenies Conservancy, Cambria and Somerset Counties, will develop a one-hour slide based program that will explain the problems and the opportunities relative to water quality and supply and recreation that are outlined in the Conemaugh Water and River Conservation and Management Plan Concept Paper.

Stroud Water Research Center, Philadelphia, educators and senior volunteers will coordinate water testing of Monoshone creek. Resulting data and information on prevention of non-point source pollution and protection of the community's drinking water source water will be presented by the students.

Watershed Protection Projects

The Alliance for Aquatic Resource Monitoring at Dickinson College, will conduct both visual assessment and chemical and biological monitoring of Shermans Creek, Perry County, with the goal developing a scientifically based study that will presented to local decision makers to assist with land development planning.

Aultman Watershed Association for Restoring the Environment, Indiana County will
develop and mail membership brochures and a quarterly newsletter to the residents of the watershed

Bristol Township School District, F.D. Roosevelt Middle School, Bucks County,
will video middle school student presentations about water protection issues and share the information with elected officials, citizens, and service groups

Camphill Village, Kimberton Hills, Inc., Chester County, will train AmeriCorps personnel in water resources protection issues, and implement a stewardship strategy for a small stream on the property which feeds the French Creek.

Fort Roberdeau Historic Site, Blair County, will offer public education programs addressing septic tank management, sinkhole dumping, and use of lawn care chemicals. Programs will consist of bacterial and nitrate testing of well water and written educational materials.

Hollow Oak Land Trust (HOLT), Allegheny County, will produce window displays on watershed related topics for their storefront office in Coraopolis and distribute educational materials to promote citizen awareness of watershed issues.

Indiana County Parks, will produce brochures and purchase and install an outdoor grade signboard that will inform Ghosttown Trail users about water quality issues in the Blacklick Creek watershed.

Manheim Township School District, Lancaster County, will develop a watershed protection and restoration project as part of the sixth grade curriculum. Teachers will be guided in the preparation of the unit and activities.

Pike County Conservation District, will conduct various water quality improvement related workshops geared towards citizens of Pike, Wayne, and Monroe Counties.

Pike Run Watershed Association, Washington County, will establish a Volunteer Citizen Monitoring Group drawing individuals from local civic groups with the goal of enhanxing community awareness of the Pike Run Watershed.

Powells and Armstrong Creek Watershed Association, Dauphin County, will produce a quarterly newsletter, fact sheets, and a brochure to increase local water resource protection awareness. Educational meetings, including one targeted at municipal officials, will also be conducted.

Tobyhanna Creek, Tunkhannock Creek Watershed Association, Monroe County, will update an existing website, erect stream identification signs at highway bridges, and develop educational fact sheets and brochures about the watershed. The coalition will also conduct a "Safe Drinking Water" clinic.

Washington County Watershed Alliance, will strengthen an existing volunteer monitoring program thru purchase of a dissecting microscope to improve macroinvertebrae identification. The Alliance will also print large display maps and smaller handout maps of the watersheds to enhance their educational and outreach programs

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