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2001 Water Resources Education Network Projects

The following projects were funded by LWVPA-CEF WREN Project. Check our listings by county to see projects from previous years as well.

Drinking Water Source Water Protection Projects
Watershed Protection Projects

Drinking Water Source Water Protection Projects

Boro of Springdale will purchase and demonstrate a groundwater simulator model and produce written educational materials.

Upper Southampton Twp will produce a video addressing the Neshaminy Creek and Mill Creek watersheds; distribute brochures; and air presentations about water resources problems on the municipal cable channel.

Buhl Community Water Company will develop and distribute written educational materials; purchase and install "Water Supply" signs.

Crafton Boro Council will produce and distribute an educational brochure and arrange community workshops.

American Water Works Assn-PA Section will distribute "Just Add Water" test kits to water utilities and schools throughout Pennsylvania.

DuBois Watershed Commission will produce a video specific to Anderson Creek Watershed Assn showing spill containment, transmission, and purification and distribute it to area schools and civic groups.

Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education will develop and conduct three different classroom based non-point source pollution education programs in elementary classes and provide students with a tour of the Philadelphia Water Dept .

Telford Boro Authority will develop and install wellhead protection signage in the water supply areas.

Fayette Co Conservation District will develop and implement the first ever Fayette County Children's Groundwater Festival, a one-day educational event for sixth grade students in the county.

Tioga Co Christian Academy will develop a wellhead protection plan for the school, monitor Crooked Creek, and develop an educational program.

North Penn Senior Environmental Corps will prepare and deliver joint presentations about water conservation and source water protection to municipal governments, high schools, and community organizations .

PA Cleanways of Lawrence Co will sponsor a placemat design contest for students and produce and distribute placements with winning design to county restaurants.

Trough Creek Watershed Assn will survey residents of Trough Creek Watershed by mail to detemine concerns about local water resources and hold town meetings to educate the community about water resources protection.

South Middleton Bubbler Foundation will produce and distribute an educational brochure and purchase and demonstrate groundwater model simulators.

Chester Ridley Crum Watersheds Assn will present water quality data collected to citizens in the community and provide watershed posters to fourth and seventh grade classrooms.

Watershed Protection Projects

Schuylkill Headwaters Assn will purchase and distribute seventeen programs entitled "The Watershed Tour" and reagent refill kits to each of the seventeen school districts in Schuylkill Co.

Pittsburgh Voyager will travel to outlying Pittsburgh area regions via a Voyager vessel, equipped with a learning laboratory, to educate students of Greene Co about watersheds and environment in their area.

Shermans Creek Conservation Assn will produce a newsletter, fact sheets, and traveling program about the Shermans Creek watershed and to improve the on-going water quality monitoring program, from which data will be available through the newsletter to local citizens.

Delaware River Greenway will coordinate a cleanup of the Delaware River and conduct an educational environmental festival on the same day.

Lake City Environmental Advisory Council will raise citizen awareness of local water resources protection issues develop and distribute a variety of written educational materials to the citizens in Lake City.

Tioga Co Conservation District will offer water quality testing kits to county farmers who attend a water quality workshop to learn about nonpoint source pollution and other water quality issues.

Glinodo Earth Force will recruit and train at least fifteen local educators who will work with students to initiate water resources protection projects in their watershed with a focus on youth decision-making, civic action, watershed focus and community problem-solving. At the end of their projects, students will participate in the Earth Force Youth Summit designed to reinforce civic engagement.

Lower Merion Conservancy will write, produce and print a brochure entitled "Safeguarding Our Streams" which will be distributed to Twp residents and other interested parties. The partners will also co-porduce a live television town meeting on the local cable access.

Pike Co Office of Community and Planning and Human Development will hold public workshops on watershed ecology, surface and groundwater quality, homeowner conservation measures, and how to work with local decisionmakers. Partners will also produce fact sheets and educational modules for high schools in county.

AMD & ART, Inc. NP will convert a local church into an educational center, hold community workshops, and conduct school programming.

Wysox Creek Watershed Assn will produce and distribute a newsletter and develop and implement a watershed wide monitoring plan.

Bushkill Stream Conservancy will produce a Visitors Guide which will inform tourists about the watershed and how to protect it. The coalition will also prepare a multi-media presentation with the same focus as the Visitors Guide.

Wheeling Creek Watershed Conservancy will develop a brochure and website that will feature results from stream testing in the watershed.


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