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Water Education Projects

NOTE: WREN has a NEW Website at www.waterwisepa.org, and as of March 2014, this site is no longer being maintained. Please go to our current website for local project information, and educational resources. Thank you.

These products were created for WREN local projects. You may use or modify for your own projects.

What's New ...
Green Guide for Property Management

Developed under a 2011-2012 WREN Grant by the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary and partners, The Green Guide for Property Management provides suggestions and ideas for large property owners to reduce stormwater pollution from their properties. With examples of four different sites, the Guide illustrates fourteen property management practices with attractive photos and diagrams.

Examples of projects range from low-cost ponds, rain gardens or wetlands to long term investments like green roofs, porous paving, underground storage tanks and more. The complete 28 pg illustrated guide can be downloaded here: Green Guide for Property Management

The Project also developed a Powerpoint presentation that is meant to accompany the guide. Download PPT Here.

The photos and graphics from the guide are also available individually for download for education and outreach activities. To select a particular photo or graphic, click on one of the slideshows, find the image you want, right click and select the size, and then select download. Download photos. Problems? Please email tdavidock@DelawareEstuary.org .

Roaring Creek Rain Garden

Rain Garden installation in Southern Columbia Area School District. Powerpoint presentation in pdf format.

Developed by the Roaring Creek Valley Conservation Association local project

Cover Crop and Clean Stream Workshop

Cover Crop and Clean Stream workshop

Developed by the Blair County Conservation District local project

Correct medication Collection

Correct Medication Collection

Developed by the Lawrence County Local Project

Downspout Disconnect Workshop


Downspout Disconnect Workshops

Developed by the PA Environmental Council local project

January calendar

Calendars Page - Pennsylvania Conservation Planner 2011-2012 monthly tips for farmers on farming practices that protect streams

Developed by the Blair County Conservation District local project



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