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Bradford County

Canton Borough Authority, $1,450

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Drinking Water Source Water Protection Project 2006-2007

Project Title:  Canton Wellhead Protection Project

Area to be protected: Towanda Creek

Partners: PA Rural Water Association

Focus: install Water Supply signs for their wellhead protection area and purchase educational materials (TAPWater kit) for use by area schools in the Towanda Creek watershed.

Contact: Lester Hilfiger, cantonba@frontiernet.net

Mehoopany Creek Watershed Assn., Sullivan, Wyoming, Bradford, Luzerne counties; $ 1,550

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Protection Project 2006-2007

Project Title: Mehoopany Creek Area 6 Restoration - Community Awareness

Area to be protected:  North Branch - Mehoopany Creek

Partners: Forkston Twp. Supervisors, Wyoming Co. Conservation District, Community Center of Mehoopany

Focus:  provide information to the community about stream restoration efforts intended to reduce nonpoint sourcepollution in the Mehoopany Creek and educate landowners and local officials about using natural stream design principles to manage their properties in a way that reduces sedimentation and water flow speed in the Mehoopany Creek.

Contact: Lars Lundin, lundin2015@epix.net

Bradford County Conservation District;  $3,500

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Protection Project 2005-2006

Project Title: O & M for Septic Systems

Area to be protected: North Branch of the Susquehanna

Partners: Bradford Co. Sanitation Committee, Penn State Extension, DEP Chesapeake Bay Program, Bradford Co. Commissioners

Focus:  hold workshops and provide incentives to encourage homeowners to adopt proper on-lot septic system management practices which will result in decreased nonpoint source pollution in the Susquehanna River and Chesapeake Bay.

Contact:  Mike Lovegreen, 570-265-5539, email: mike.lovegreen@pa.nacdnet.net

Mehoopany Creek Watershed Assn. , Sullivan, Wyoming, Bradford, Luzerne counties; $2,000

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Protection Project 2004-2005

Project Title: Mehoopany Creek Watershed Community Awareness

Area to be protected: Mehoopany Creek watershed

Partners: Forkston Twp. Supervisors, Wyoming Co. Conservation District

Focus:  produce presentations and newsletters to inform citizens and municipal officials about nonpoint source pollution and install watershed identification signs  (sign 2) around the Mehoopany Creek watershed.

Contact: Lars Lundin, 570-833-3545, email: lundin2015@epix.net


Wysox Creek Streambank Restoration
Wysox Creek Streambank Restoration Project. $1,900

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Watershed Protection Project - 2001
Partners: Bradford Co Conservation District, Windham, Orwell, Rome and Wysox Twps, Rome Boro, Bradford Co Emergency Management, Bradford Co Commissioners, EI Dupont, and Northeast Bradford School

Area to be protected: Wysox Creek
Focus: Produce and distribute a newsletter and develop and implement a watershed wide monitoring plan.
Contact: Tom Robinson, 570.247.7700, email: trobin@epix.net


Restoration of Streambanks with a Permanent Fix for Control of Erosion

Partners: Bradford County Conservation District, Wysox Creek Watershed Association
Focus: To identify and quantify stream instability, historical damage, flood prone areas and habitat degradation. Establish and implement an action plan for restoration and long term stewardship for the natural resources of the Wysox Creek Watershed. Organize watershed residents around a common vision and mission. Identify and gain commitment of various local, state and federal partners.
Contact: Wysox Creek Watershed Association, Tom Robinson, RR 3 Box 3140, Rome, PA 18837,
email: trobin@epix.net . or Mike Lovegreen, e-mail: mike.lovegreen@pa.nacdnet.net

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