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Indiana County


Conemaugh Valley Conservancy / Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Protection Project 2002-2003
Project Title: Community Outreach Placemat Project
Area(s) to be protected: Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin
Partner(s): Conemaugh Valley Conservancy/Kiski-Conemaugh Stream Team & Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin Alliance
Focus: develop a community outreach project based on restaurant placemats
Counties served: Armstrong, Somerset, Westmoreland, Indiana, Cambria County
Grant: $5,000
Contact: Tom Grote, 814-467-0836, email: tfgrote@floodcity.net

Aging Services of Indiana County

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Drinking Water Source Water Protection Project 2002-2003
Project Title: Indiana County Drinking Water Source Water Protection Campaign
Area(s) to be protected: throughout the county
Partner(s): League of Women Voters of Indiana County, Indiana County Office of Planning and Development, Indiana County Conservation District, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Dept. of Mathematics, Applied Research Lab
Focus: develop a drinking water awareness campaign
Counties served: Indiana County Grant: $5,000
Contact: Peg Malcolm, 724-349-4564, email: pmalcom@yourinter.net, lwvic@yourinter.net

Aultman Rund Watershed recognized as a Groundwater Guardian Community since 2000
Explanation of Groundwater Guardian Award

Community Profile: http://www.groundwater.org/active/community.asp?id202

Ken Marshall
6122 Rt. 286 W.
Indiana, PA 15701 US

Phone: 724-465-4687
Fax: 724-465-8974
E-mail: nextlife@adelphia.net

Blacklick Creek Watershed Educational Kiosk

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Watershed Education for Pollution Prevention Projects - 2000

Indiana County Parks, Blacklick Creek Watershed Association, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and Spatial Sciences Research Center

Area(s) to be protected: Blacklick Creek Watershed

The coalition will produce brochures and purchase and install an outdoor grade signboard that will inform Ghosttown Trail users about water quality issues in the Blacklick Creek watershed.
Counties served: Indiana and Cambria counties
Grant: $1,382
Contact: Michael Kuzemchak, 724.463.8636,
email: indparks@stargate.net


AWARE Organization Establishment and Educational Outreach

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Watershed Education for Pollution Prevention Projects - 2000

Partners: Aultman Watershed Association for Restoring the Environment, and Blacklegs Creek Watershed Association

Area(s) to be protected: Aultman Run Watershed

Focus: AWARE will develop and mail educational brochures and a quarterly newsletter to the residents of the watershed.

Grant: $1,100

Contact: John Somonick, 724.463.0651,
email: services@geolynk.com

Indiana County Watershed Education Alliance

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Watershed Education for Pollution Prevention Projects - 1999

Focus: The partners will develop a countywide student stream monitoring program to educate about water quality issues and seek solutions to acid mine drainage problems. A watershed education conference will bring students together to share information.

Partners: Indiana Senior High School, Ken Sink Chapter of Trout Unlimited, Indiana County Conservation District, Kiski-Conemaugh River Basin Alliance
Grant: $ 2,440
Contact: Phil Palko, 724-463-8562, Email: PPalko@aol.com

Indiana County Conservation District
Funded by LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention Grants - 1997-1998

Coalition Partners: Indiana U. of PA, Dept of Safety Sciences, LWV of Indiana County
Contact: Louis A. Kopczyk, 412-463-7702
Grant: $ 1,050

Focus: For a conference to provide information on environmental issues and support programs to Indiana County municipalities that will enable them to better answer inquiries from the public.

Accomplishments: The conference was held in September 1997 and was targeted at municipalities who are often the first, if not the only, agency contacted before small projects are started. Fifty-four people attended, including personnel representing 18 municipalities. Eleven organizations provided speakers on eight issue/program topics, and eight organizations provided educational exhibits.

The conference was completed using approximately one-half the requested funds and the local project team proposed sponsoring a model meeting for residents, hosted by one of the municipalities with a known water quality problem. This request was approved by the Sponsor. Seventeen residents attended the model meeting for Ernest Borough residents in May 1998. At the model meeting a list of potential community projects was developed using group process techniques. A panel of experts provided feedback on each project's feasibility and suggestions about how to achieve them.

Successes, Obstacles, and Unanticipated Outcomes: Conference evaluations were overwhelmingly positive. Lower than anticipated costs allowed team to propose extending the reach of project activities (described above).

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