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Lancaster County

Lancaster County (SC): Borough of Mount Joy, Grant Amount: $4,900

Project Title: Mount Joy Borough Community Rain Garden: A Blooming Good Idea!
Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Education to prevent Nonpoint Source (NPS) pollution 2013-2014
Contact: Stacey Gibbs and Ken Barto, 717-653-2300,
Email: staci@mountjoypa.org
Email: ken@mountjoypa.org
Partners:  Mount Joy Borough Water Authority, David Christian & Associates, Inc.
Focus:  The partners will design and construct a functional rain garden demonstration site, including signage, at the Mount Joy Borough Office to educate officials and community residents. The partners will host two workshops and provide participants with a how-to manual and a professional garden design services discount. Officials and community residents will be encouraged to participate in the various phases of the rain garden project including design , construction and maintenance.

Lancaster County (SC): Lancaster Farmland Trust, Grant Amount: $4,450

Project Title:  A New “Greening” Model for Municipalities
Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Education to prevent Nonpoint Source (NPS) pollution 2013-2014
Contact:  Jeffery Swinehart, 717-687-8484,Email: swinehart@lancasterfarmlandtrust.org
Partners:  West Lampeter Township, Lancaster County Agricultural Preserve Board, Lancaster County Conservation District
Focus:  Project partners will explore a new greening” model in West Lampeter Township, Lancaster County, utilizing agricultural Best Management Practices (BMPs). Partners will visit all 92 farms in West Lampeter’s agricultural district. During visits, partners will distribute educational materials, discuss BMPs, inventory BMPs in place, and offer resources for developing and implementing conservation plans. Project activities include three workshops, developing an electronic newsletter, and distributing educational materials. Lancaster Farmland Trust will conduct a public meeting that engages West Lampeter Township officials, farmers and other residents in a dialogue to help identify future opportunities for collaboration and education about sustaining water quality.

Lancaster County (SC): Terre Hill Borough, Grant Amount: $5,000

Project Title: The Eastern Lancaster County Source Water Protection Collaborative
Funding Source:LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Source Water Protection Education (SWP) 2012-2013
Contact: Robert R. Rissler, 717-445-4581, Email: pwsbob@terrehillboro.com
Partners: Blue Ball Water Authority; Western Heights Water Authority; New Holland Borough; Earl and East Earl Townships
Focus: The Partners will form a regional Source Water Protection Collaborative and will seek participation of additional area water systems in the coalition to work together to educate local officials, citizens and school children about ways to protect local drinking water sources from pollution. The goal is to encourage action to mitigate risks in Eastern Lancaster County from potential contaminants, such as spills in transportation corridors, agricultural, urban runoff and other risks identified in the Source Water Protection Plans. The coalition will create a Source Water Environmental Education Team (SWEET) that will conduct a series of public education and outreach events. A variety of community outreach events are planned that will feature visual models such as the groundwater model and source water area maps. To assist the coalition's activities, project funds will be used to develop a Source Water Protection brochure or Fact Sheet that will be distributed during public education events, field days, workshops and school programs. The partnership will develop a drinking water educational display, and address improved coordination of emergency response to potential contamination events. Partners will purchase and install source water protection spill notification signs along key roadways.

View ELANCO Source Water Protection Brochure (3.39 MB PDF) "What You Can Do To Protect Your Water" developed by Garden Spot High School Class

Public Education Kiosk for Terre Hill Memorial Park developed by project partners, Project Leader Bob Rissler - Terre Hill Borough; completed kiosk photo below- Valerie Gregory, Secretary Treasurer, Terre Hill Borough (L) and Julie Kollar, WREN Director (R)

Upper Leacock Township, Lancaster Co, $5,000

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Drinking Water Source Water Protection Project 2008-2009

Project Title:  Upper Leacock Township Source Water Protection Program

River, stream, watershed affected by this project:  Conestoga River Watershed

Partners: PA Rural Water Association

Focus: facilitate the local emergency response team's efficiency by posting Water Supply Area Signs on all state roads intersecting the wellhead protection area and developing procedures (postcard, flyer, newsletter articles) for emergency responder personnel to handle hazardous waste spills that occur near wells located in a carbonate aquifer.

Read their final report.

Contact:  Robert Rissler 717-656-6111, water@ultwp.com

Terre Hill Borough, Lancaster County; $5,000

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Drinking Water Source Water Protection Project 2006-2007
Project Title: Terre Hill Borough Education Project
Area to be protected: wellhead protection areas of Terre Hill Borough and Blue Ball Water Authority
Partners: Blue Ball Water Authority, Blue Ball Elementary School, Lancaster County Planning, PA Rural Water Association
Focus:  implement a wellhead protection program along with Blue Ball Water Authority for groundwater in Terre Hill and East Earl Township area through a school education program and a public outreach program using a TAPWater kit and groundwater flow model to train teachers.  The project will also sponsor a placemat/poster contest, install six (6) Water Supply Area signs, design an educational brochure, and distribute the winning placemats to area restaurants.

Contact:  Robert Rissler, wsbob@terrehillboro.com



Octoraro Watershed Association. Lancaster, Chester and Cecil, MD counties, $ 5, 000

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Drinking Water Source Water Protection Project 2005-2006
Project Title: Agricultural BMP Calendar Design and Distribution
Area to be protected: Octoraro Creek Watershed
Partners: Chester Water Authority and Colerain Township
Focus: design, print and distribute a calendar which provides information about agricultural best management practices which will prevent contamination of the source waters which provide the Chester Water Authority's drinking water supply Patrick Fasano, (717) 529-2132, owa1@epix.net

Lebanon County Conservation District.  Lebanon and Lancaster counties, $2,210

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Protection Project 2003-2004
Project Title: Lebanon/Lancaster County Watershed Forum
Area(s) to be protected: watersheds throughout Lebanon and Lancaster Counties
Partner(s): Lancaster County Conservation District and Heidelberg Township
Focus: coordinate and conduct a Lancaster/Lebanon County watershed forum for individuals, watershed protection organizations and local officials that will provide tools for subsequent community education initiatives about nonpoint source pollution prevention.

Note: In Octber 2008, Lebanon and Lancaster counties hosted their 6th Annual Watershed Forum. See their brochure.
Contact: Stephanie Harmon, 717-272-3908 x 4, email: stephanie-harmon@pa.nacdnet.org

Chiques Creek Watershed Alliance, Lancaster County, $1,500

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Protection Project 2003-2004
Project Title: Chiques Creek Monitoring Program
Area(s) to be protected: Chiques Creek
Partner(s): Penn Township, Manheim Borough, Rapho Township, and Manheim Central School District
Focus: implement a stream monitoring and data collection program, results of which will be publicized in newsletters, along with information about nonpoint source pollution prevention and other water resources protection issues
Contact: Nancy Halliwell, 717-665-3827, email: nancy@raphotownship.com

East Petersburg Borough, Lancaster County, $5,000

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Drinking Water Source Protection Project 2003-2004
Project Title: East Petersburg Source Water
Protection Program
Area(s) to be protected:
Little Conestoga Creek Watershed
Partner(s): PA Rural Water Association
Focus: post Water Supply Area signs, develop community education packets about source water protection, and purchase Groundwater Simulator for use in schools
Contact: Herb Mattern, Jr, 717-569-9282, email: hemep2@dejazzd.com

Lancaster County Conservation District

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Protection Project 2002-2003
Project Title: Conewago Creek Watershed Development Awareness Project
Area(s) to be protected: Conewago Creek Watershed
Partner(s): Lancaster County Conservation District & Tri-County Conewago Creek Association
Focus: develop watershed awareness educational materials
Counties served: Lancaster County
Contact: Matthew Kofroth, 717-299-5361, email: matt-kofroth@pa.nacdnet.org

Watershed Protection and Restoration Project: 6th Grade Curriculum Unit

Area(s) to be protected: Conestoga River

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Watershed Education for Pollution Prevention Projects - 2000

Manheim Township School District, Lancaster Co. and Manheim Twp Parks and Recreation Commissions, 97th District Representative to the General Assembly Jere Strittmatter, Lancaster Co. Conservation District, and Stroud Water Research Center

The School District will develop a watershed protection and restoration project as part of the sixth grade curriculum. Teachers will be guided in the preparation of the unit and activities.


Joan Mackin, 717.569.8231,
email: joan_mackin@mtwp.k12.pa.us

Chester County and Lancaster County
Success Through Knowledge and Strength

Area(s) to be protected: Octoraro Watershed, Chester and Lancaster Counties

Funded by LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Drinking Water Source Water Protection Projects - 2000

Octoraro Watershed Association, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Chester Water Authority, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, and Chester and Lancaster County Conservation Districts

OWA leadership will undergo training to learn how to recruit and develop township liaison taskforces in each of the municipalities of the watershed. After these satellite groups have been established, OWA will sponsor community discussion groups in each municipality to hear ideas and concerns and to develop strategies regarding protection of the watershed.

Grant: $3,000

Contact: Frank Rohrer, 717.529.2132,
email: rohrer1009@pa.free1.net, owa@desupernet.net

Let's Make One Thing Perfectly Clear

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention Grants - 1997-1998

Coalition Partners: USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Lancaster Chamber of Commerce, Lancaster Groundwater Policy Education Project, Penn State Extension
Contact: Travis Lee Martin, 717-299-5361.
Grant: $ 3,000

Focus: To educate Lancaster County residents about watersheds and to promote the establishment of a watershed association in each County watershed.


  • Formed public-private partnership and recruited co-sponsors to implement "Let's Make One Thing Perfectly Clear" watershed awareness campaign.
  • Designed billboards with campaign slogan and contact information and placed them at 10 locations throughout the County during September and October 1997.
  • Designed posters containing Campaign slogan, awareness message, area maps, and contact information and distributed them at numerous events and via mailing to targeted groups.
  • Met with County Commissioners to explain the campaign, its goals, and plan of action.
  • Conducted three public education meetings: an introduction to what is a watershed and its importance, presentations by established watershed associations, and a work session for citizens wanting to establish new watershed associations.
  • Conducted facilitator-training session for Chesapeake Bay Foundation volunteers who then led the work sessions at the third meeting.

Successes, Obstacles, and Unanticipated Outcomes: Eight of the 12 watersheds in the County were represented at the educational meetings. Support from the County Commissioners was evident, including active participation in the second meeting. Seven organizations presented educational exhibits at the meetings. Networking activities were enhanced among individuals and groups. One new watershed association was established. A water treatment facility and an environmental organization partnered for a riparian fencing project. Efforts and partnerships became more focused and strengthened for several groups.

Watershed Protection Curriculum Development Project
From WREN Grant - Watershed Education for Pollution Prevention Projects - 1999

The partners will develop a watershed protection project for third, fourth and fifth grades which will become an interdisciplinary science and social studies curriculum. Students will interact with agencies and officials who may effect change in laws or practices.

Manheim Township School District, Lancaster County Parks and Recreation Commission, Manheim Township Parks and Recreation Commission, Jere Strittmatter, Representative of 97th District
Grant: $2478
Contact: Joan Mackin, 717-569-8231, 717-627-3734, email: joan_mackin@mtwp.k12.pa.us

Lancaster County Water Resource Task Force Learning Cube Project
From WREN Grant - Watershed Education for Pollution Prevention Projects - 1999

The project will provide citizen education about water resources by means of a water resources display to be housed at the Lancaster County Parks and Recreation Environmental Education Center. The display will focus on watersheds and include information on the impact of non-point source pollution and the effects of land use.

Lancaster County Conservation District, Lancaster County Planning Commission, Lancaster County Water Resources Task Force, League of Women Voters of Lancaster County
Grant: $ 3,000
Contact: Charlotte Sprenkle, 717-299-5361, email: lccd@redrose.net

Warwick Watershed Day
From a WREN Grant - Drinking Water Source Protection Project 1999

Focus: The partners will sponsor an educational event for fifth graders which focuses on building a watershed connection for students. Teacher training, volunteer training and a program guide for organizing such events are also part of the project.

Partners: Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Lititz Run Watershed Alliance, Warwick School District, Warwick Township

Grant: $2,750

Contact: Jennifer Henry, 717-234-5550, email:jhenry@cbf.org

Water Education Resources for Teachers
From a WREN Grant - Ground Water and Wellhead Protection Grants
- 1995 & 1996

The Lancaster County Groundwater Policy Education Project sponsored teacher training workshops for elementary and science teachers. A Water Education Resource Center has been established as part of the Lancaster County Public Library system. Materials in the collection include water curricula for teachers use and water information specific to the Lancaster County area. The material is available to teachers in Lancaster and Lebanon counties through their school libraries "Access PA" system and will be delivered to the schools through the Intermediate Unit delivery system. The material has been made part of the County Library collection and is available to the general public as well. Other activities of the Coalition include publishing a Citizen's Guide summarizing the Lancaster County Water Resources Plan in layman's terms. Contact: Leon Ressler, Penn State Cooperative Extension, 717-394-6851.

Groundwater Guardian Community 1995, 1996, 1997
Explanation of Groundwater Guardian Award

Contact: Ellen Dewey
Lancaster Groundwater Policy Education Team
2501 Raleigh Drive
Lancaster, PA 17601
Phone (717) 569-1272
Fax (717) 569-1272

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