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Lebanon County

Lebanon County recognized as a Groundwater Guardian Community since 1996
Explanation of Groundwater Guardian Award

Community Profile: http://www.groundwater.org/active/community.asp?id122

Contact: Stephanie Harmon
Lebanon Co. GW Education Team
2120 Cornwall Road
Lebanon, PA 17042-9788
Phone: 717-272-3908 x.4 Fax: 717-272-5314
Email: stephanie.harmon@pa.nacdnet.net
Website: www.lccd.org

Lebanon County Conservation District, Lebanon Co, $3350

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Protection Project 2007-2008
Project Title: Lebanon County Rain Barrel Workshops
Area(s) to be protected: watersheds throughout Lebanon County

Partners: North Cornwall Township and Penn State Master Gardners of Lebanon County

Focus: hold workshops to educate homeowners and businesses in Lebanon County how the use of rainbarrels can reduce the amount of nonpoint source pollution entering the waterways of the county.  Rain barrels will be provided at an affordable rate to attendees completing the workshop. 

Read the Final Report. See the Evaluation Report

Contact:  Stephanie Harmon 717-272-3908x4, stephanie.harmon@pa.nacdnet.net


Lebanon County Conservation District, Lebanon and Lancaster Counties, $2,210

Watershed forum brochureFunded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Protection Project 2003-2004
Project Title: Lebanon/Lancaster County Watershed Forum
Area(s) to be protected: watersheds throughout Lebanon and Lancaster Counties
Partner(s): Lancaster County Conservation District and Heidelberg Township
Focus: coordinate and conduct a Lancaster/Lebanon County watershed forum for individuals, watershed protection organizations and local officials that will provide tools for subsequent community education initiatives about nonpoint source pollution prevention

Note: In October 2008, Lebanon and Lancaster counties hosted their 6th Annual Watershed Forum. See their brochure.
Contact: Stephanie Harmon, 717-272-3908 x 4, email: stephanie-harmon@pa.nacdnet.org


Lebanon County Groundwater Education Team
From WREN Grant - Wellhead Protection and Drinking Water Education - 1998

Coalition Partners:
Lebanon County Conservation District, Lebanon County
Planning Department, Myerstown Water Authority, Penn State Cooperative
Extension, League of Women Voters of Lebanon County.

Charles W. Wertz, 717-272-3377
Lebanon County Conservation District
2120 Cornwall Road
Lebanon, PA 17042-9788
Grant: $3,000

This project conducted a public workshop on wellhead protection and small water systems in Lebanon County in response to a lack of wellhead protection programs in this area. The workshop built upon one held earlier where the participants suggested that they needed more information on ways to implement wellhead protection.

The workshop was held in June 1998. The workshop activities included

  • Presentation of groundwater behavior using a tabletop flow model
  • Demonstration of GIS technology
  • A delineation of wellhead areas for two communities
  • A self-assessment exercise on groundwater protection for property owners
  • Distribution of a packet of resource materials on water resources

Greater Lebanon Refuse Authority
From a WREN Grant - Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention Grants - 1997-1998

Coalition Partners: Harrisburg Area Community College, Lebanon County Conservation District, Lebanon County Planning Commission, Swatara Creek Watershed Association
Contact: Michael Pavelek, 717-867-5790
Grant: $ 3,000

Focus: An educational program to abate point and non-point source pollution from numerous sinkholes on individual properties that impact the water quality of the local aquifers and the Swatara Creek.

Accomplishments: Documented sinkholes on USGS 7.5 minute topographical maps; provided the GIS-compatible maps to Conservation District and County Planning staff for use in evaluating land use practices involving sinkholes (agricultural, construction, waste disposal). An index of current sinkholes and closed depressions was provided for use by relevant agencies. No new sinkholes were identified that are being used for waste disposal.

Several outreach efforts to property owners resulted in: inspections of several properties coupled with information on recommended closure steps; photographs of several properties to illustrate ground water protection practices (including one closure project); increased public awareness of role of sinkholes in protecting ground water quality, as well as the need for enforcement of current public policies protecting. A Risk Priority Assessment Checklist was developed for use during the voluntary inspections.

A seminar on sinkhole management and water quality protection issues was held for public officials, landowners, and sinkhole users. About 30 agencies or municipalities were represented. Three additional seminars were presented to community groups. The presentation Sinkholes of Lebanon County, a summary of the project's results, was submitted for publication to the Solid Waste Association of North America. Provided information to agricultural landowners to encourage voluntary protection and closure.

Successes, Obstacles, and Unanticipated Outcomes: Public responses to the outreach efforts and the seminars were very positive. Unanticipated outcomes included private citizens seeking guidance on proper closure methods (information was provided from current resource); and questions regarding liability for sinkholes potentially caused by development (beyond the scope of this project).

Municipalities represented at the seminars have been seeking information about, and taking action on sinkhole remediation, including one site that contained potentially damaging materials. Regulations have been enacted that provide for a penalty of $2,000 per occurrence for commercial disposal of waste materials into sinkholes. This gives local municipalities a tool for preventing ground water contamination originating via sinkholes.

Groundwater Education Team
Funded by LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Ground Water and Wellhead Protection Grants- 1995 & 1996

The Groundwater Education Team hosted a workshop for local officials and the public in November, 1995 and hosted a downlink site for the teleconference "Watershed '96 On the Air" from the National Watershed Conference in Baltimore in June, 1996. The Team developed a display for the Swatara Watershed Expo and participates in the newly formed Swatara Watershed Association.
The Team also distributed information about groundwater and wellhead protection at the Lebanon Area Agricultural Fair and Department of Agriculture sponsored Pesticide Container Drop-off Days. The Team plans to continue to sponsor educational activities about protection of groundwater in 1997. Team members include: the Lebanon County Conservation District, League of Women Voters, Lebanon County Planning Department, PSU Cooperative Extension, Myerstown Water Authority.
Contact: Charles Wertz, Lebanon County Conservation District, 717-272-3377

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