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Mercer County


French Creek Project (PA Environmental Council), Erie, Crawford, Mercer & Venango counties; $ 4,871

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project, Watershed Protection Project 2005-2006
Project Title: Meadville Stormwater Best Management Practices Educational Project
Area(s) to be protected: French Creek Watershed
Partner: City of Meadville
Focus:  hold a "Better Stormwater Management Through Site Design” Workshop   based on PA Dept of Environmental Protection’s Stormwater Manual. The workshop, aimed especially at municipal officials, will use a Stormwater BMP demonstration site developed by the partnership. Armed with resources to adequately review and critique proposed land development projects within the watershed, nonpoint source pollution from stormwater within the French Creek watershed can be reduced.

Contact: Mark Gorman, (814) 332-2946, mgorman@pecpa.org


Shenango River Watchers, Inc., Mercer County,  $4,415

Funded by LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Watershed Protection Project  2004-2005

Project title:  Storm Drain Stenciling Project

Partners:  City of Sharon, Mercer County Conservation District, Boy Scouts, Slippery Rock University, Thiel College and AARP

Area protected:  Shenango River watershed

Focus: distribute door hangers, placemats and stencil storm drains in the City of Sharon to emphasize how citizens' actions can prevent nonpoint source pollution  in the Shenango River watershed. 

Contact: Jennifer Barborak, 724-342-5453, shenangoriver@hotmail.com


Buhl Community Water Company, Mercer County, $3,680

Funded by: LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Drinking Water Source Protection Project 2001

Project Title: Buhl Community Water Company Education Project

Area to be protected: Buhl Community Well and Aquifer

Partner(s): Leesburg Water Assn and Mercer Co Conservation District
Focus: develop and distribute written educational materials; purchase and install "Water Supply" signs.
Contact: Heather Snow, 724.748.9168, email: buhlwater@pathway.net


Buhl Community Water Company and Villages of Number Five Mine and London PA recognized as a Groundwater Guardian Community since 1995
Explanation of Groundwater Guardian Award


Community Profile : http://www.groundwater.org/active/community.asp?id196
Contact:Gloria Snow-Lambert
Buhl Community Water Company
372 Old Ash Rd.
Mercer, PA 16137-4219 US
Phone: 724-748-5764
Fax: 724-748-9603
E-mail: buhlwater@pathway.net


Trout Unlimited, Neshannock Chapter, Lawrence and Mercer counties, $2,750
Funded by LWVPA-CEF WREN Project - Nonpoint Source Pollution Prevention Grants - 1997-1998

Coalition Partners: Mercer County Conservation District, Commissioners of Lawrence and Mercer County
Contact: Jim LaLumia, 412-946-8658
Focus: To organize and present a workshop on the benefits and processes of comprehensive watershed planning for Coolspring and Neshannock Creek in Lawrence and Mercer Counties. Desired outcomes included a pool of people from which a comprehensive planning team could be drawn.

Accomplishments: Disseminated watershed brochure to advertise the group's efforts. Held workshop, including panel discussion topics, and watershed tour in March 1998. Over 100 attended the day's events, exceeding the project's goal of 60 attendees. Twenty-seven attendees agreed to join the group's watershed protection efforts.

Successes, Obstacles, and Unanticipated Outcomes: Executive Directors from both counties planning commissions became actively involved in planning and promoting the event. Unfortunately, the County Commissioners did not express similar interest, even though two Commissioners from one county participated in the planned event. Team heard from several landowners that were resistant to related watershed activities sponsored by one partner organization.



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