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Answers to questions about water conservation work

Tucquan Creek
Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve
Lancaster County PA

from the Lancaster Co. Convervancy
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I need the regulatory limits in grountwater (in a mixed residential/commercial area) for: Benzene, Ethylbenzene, Toluene, Napthalene, Isopropylbenzene, Xylenes and MTBE. This assumes the soil unit is a water-bearing aquifer with a hydraulic conductivity greater than 1.0E-05.
Answer: The EPA is probably the best place to go for an answer - http://www.epa.gov/

Where can I find information on Pennsylvania Water Rights?
Answer: Order our free publication Water Use and Water Rights in Pennsylvania

Where can I learn about wetlands/marsh protection grants?
Answer: Our grants area lists grant programs we are familiar with

I'm trying to identify the need for and the value of water quality testing equipment such as DO probes and larger probes that sample temperature, DO, conductivity, pH and temperature of water simultaneously. Other equipment of interest includes light sensors to assess terrestrial and aquatic light quality. Does anybody have any feedback on their experience with any of these types of equipment and their value (usefulness) to graduate students in
environmental studies programs?

I need a list of endangered reptiles, amphibians, and fish that currently exist in the Montour Creek area. Also, any information on what steps are being taken to save these species.
Answer: The PA Fish and Boat Commission has a publication called Endangered and Threatened Species of PA for $5.66. Check out PA FBC's Website at http://www.fish.state.pa.us. The information is also provided in the PA Natural Diversity Index information, which your Conservation District should be able to help you with.

I need statistics on the problem of water theft in, not only Hillsborough County, FL, but the United States in general. Answer: Check out the American Waterworks Association site. We also have several other Websites listed in our Links area which might help.

Looking for water demand projections -- at least for the major metropolitan areas.
Answer: Check out the U.S. Water News Website at http://www.uswaternews.com or the USGS Website at http://www.usgs.gov.

I need the standard of the value of Ph, turbidity, hardness, conductivity, etc in water.

Drinking Water http://wilkes.edu/~eqc/standards.htm
Surface Water - http://wilkes1.wilkes.edu/~eqc/surfacewater.htm

Check out the EPA - Office of Water Website at http://www.epa.gov/OWOW/

What is the importance of a watershed? How does it help our economy and environment?
Answer: Check out the Center for Watershed Protection Website at http://www.cwp.org

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