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Free Publications from the WREN Resource Center

If you would like to order a publication, click on the "Order?" checkbox, fill out the form and then click the "Send Your Order" button. Publications can only be shipped within in the United States. Some publications are available for download (indicated by the "PDF format" link in the description.)


Community Groundwater Education in Pennsylvania: Lessons from Successful Project Leaders
Tips on managing local education projects, gleaned from the experiences of local leaders. Groundwater Policy Education Project, third edition, 2001, 21 pages


Groundwater Protection and Management in Pennsylvania: An Introductory Guide for Citizens and Local Officials
(Also available as PDF in the library)
A handbook for community leaders interested in exploring groundwater quality issues and developing plans for protecting their communitygroundwater resources. Includes information on both a process for
developing plans and groundwater management tools available in Pennsylvania.Updated in 2001.
League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund, third edition, 58 pages, 2001.


Groundwater: A Primer for Pennsylvanians
(Also available as PDF in the library)
Describes groundwater and discusses issues surrounding groundwater protection and management in Pennsylvania. 
LWV-PA Citizen Education Fund, 1991, 6th printing, updated 2004, 12 pages

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