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National Organizations

American Ground Water Trust - http://www.agwt.org
Information for the private well owner and the general public on threats to groundwater and how best to benefit from and protect this precious natural resource.

American Planning Association - http://www.planning.org
The American Planning Association and its professional institute, the American Institute of Certified Planners, are organized to advance the art and science of planning and to foster the activity of planning -- physical, economic, and social -- at the local, regional, state, and national levels. The objective of the Association is to encourage planning that will contribute to public well-being by developing communities and environments that meet the needs of people and of society more effectively

American Water Resources Association - http://www.awra.org
The mission of the American Water Resources Association is to promote understanding of water resources and related issues by providing a multidisciplinary forum for education, professional development and information exchange.

American WaterWorks Association - http://www.awwa.org
The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is an international nonprofit scientific and educational society dedicated to the improvement of drinking water quality and supply.

Center for Watershed Protection - http://www.cwp.org
The Center for Watershed Protection works with local, state, and federal governmental agencies, environmental consulting firms, watershed organizations, and the general public to provide objective and scientifically sound information on effective techniques to protect and restore urban watersheds.

Center for Watershed Stewardship - http://www.larch.psu.edu/watershed.
The Center, at Penn State University, offers continuing education courses for professionals in the field of watershed planning and management as well as a graduate option in watershed stewardship for students in landscape architecture and other disciplines at Penn State University. Students work in teams on yearlong community service projects in partnership with local government, nonprofit organizations and others to learn the process of putting together a sound watershed management plan.

Clean Water Action- http://www.cleanwateraction.org/

EE-Link - http://eelink.net
A national/international environmental education clearinghouse

Environmental Defense Fund - http://www.edf.org
The Environmental Defense Fund is people: scientists, economists, attorneys, and others who work in teams to find solutions to environmental problems. From water to wildlife, from toxic chemicals to tropical rainforests, EDF chooses the important areas where people can make a difference in defending the environment.

The Environmental Working Group - http://www.ewg.org
EWG's goal is to provide the public with new, locally relevant information on environmental issues in their own states, home towns and neighborhoods.

Friends of the Earth - http://www.foe.org
A national environmental organization, which is dedicated to preserving the health and diversity of the planet for future generations.

The Ground Water Protection Council - http://www.gwpc.org/
GWPC members include state and federal ground water agencies, industry representatives, environmentalists and concerned citizens, all of whom come together within the GWPC organization to mutually work toward the protection of the nation's ground water supplies.

Groundwater Foundation - http://www.groundwater.org
The Groundwater Foundation is dedicated to informing the public about one of our greatest hidden resources, groundwater. Through our programs and publications we show the benefits everyone receives from groundwater and the very real risks to groundwater. And, we try to make learning about groundwater fun and understandable for kids and adults.

International Rivers Network - http://internationalrivers.org/

National Association of Conservation Districts - http://www.nacdnet.org
The National Association of Conservation Districts is the non-governmental, nonprofit organization that represents nearly 3,000 conservation districts across the nation. NACD was founded by districts and their state associations in 1946, following the Dust Bowl crisis and the creation of a nationwide conservation district system. NACD is financed primarily through the voluntary contributions of its member districts and state associations.

National Ground Water Association  - www.ngwa.org

The mission of the National Ground Water Association is to enhance the skills and credibility of all ground water professionals, develop and exchange industry knowledge, and promote the ground water industry and understanding of ground water resources.

National Groundwater Association Private Wellowners' website


The National Environmental Services Center - www.nesc.wvu.edu
provides technical assistance and information about drinking water, wastewater, environmental training, and solid waste management to communities serving fewer than 10,000 individuals.  Publishes OnTap and Small Flows magazines.

National Rural Water Association - www.nrwa.org
A nonprofit, grassroots organization representing the vast majority of water systems in the country, NRWA is governed by a volunteers from each state. Rural Water continually strives to improve the quality of utility service in rural America, while protecting our natural resources.

Project GREEN (Global Rivers Environmental Education Network) - http://www.earthforce.org/green/
GREEN is an innovative, action-oriented approach to education, based on an interdisciplinary watershed education model. GREEN's mission is to improve education through a global network that promotes watershed sustainability. It is a resource to schools and communities that wish to study their watershed and work to improve their quality of life.

River Management Society - http://www.river-management.org
The River Management Society (RMS) is a national non-profit professional society, dedicated to the protection and management of North America's river resources. RMS has roots in the former Interagency Whitewater Committee (formed in 1972) and has emerged as result of the 1996 merger of the American River Management Society (formed in 1988) and River Federation (formed in 1985).

River Network - http://www.rivernetwork.org/

Storm Water Center - www.stormwatercenter.net
A Resource Center for Stormwater Managers sponsored by The Center for Watershed Protection, provides technical assistance on stormwater management issues which can be downloaded at no cost.

The Video Project catalog - http://www.videoproject.org
The Video Project is your non-profit source for over 250 top-rated, affordable videos and multimedia programs for all age levels on the environment, hands-on science, nuclear issues, global human rights, and related concerns, including Oscar and Emmy award-winners. Programs focusing on causes and solutions to violence in America have also recently been added.

US Water News Online - http://www.uswaternews.com
Coverage includes water supply, water quality, policy and legislation, litigation and water rights, conservation, climate, international water news, and more.

Water Environment Federation - http://www.wef.org/
Founded in 1928, the Water Environment Federation is a not-for profit technical and educational organization. Its goal is to preserve and enhance the global water environment.


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