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August 1999
Water Policy News
Newsletter of the Water Resources Education Network

In this Issue

Community Projects Funded, Leaders Network
State Parks Offers Watershed Education Program
Final Swap Goes to EPA
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1999 WREN Funded Projects- Watershed Ed. for Pollution Prevention
1999 WREN Funded Projects- Drinking Water Source Protection

Community Projects Funded, Leaders Network
What do geese at Fairmount Park, storm sewers in the City of York and homes along streams in the Perkiomen and Green Valleys area watersheds have in common? These problem areas, along with many others that threaten watersheds and drinking water supplies in Pennsylvania will be the focus of educational activities carried out by local partnerships and funded by the Water Resources Education Network project of the League of Women Voters of PA Citizen Education Fund.

Nineteen local partnerships have been awarded grants of up to $3000 to hold workshops, develop brochures and websites, erect indoor and outdoor displays and train students and teachers in watershed monitoring techniques and drinking water protection issues. Eight of the projects will focus on watershed protection and eleven on drinking water source protection. Funding for the projects comes from grants to the LWVPA-CEF from the PA Department of Environmental Protection.

Representatives of the projects gathered recently at an orientation and networking meeting to share ideas, gather resources and get suggestions from experienced project leaders, state and federal resource people, and media and fund-raising experts.

All the projects will be completed in the coming year and interested community members are encouraged to help project partners. A list of projects, their activities and contacts can be found on pages two and three of this newsletter.

State Parks Offers Watershed Education Program
For years, environmentally savvy teachers have been trained in and used the Pennsylvania State Parks water quality monitoring program to teach their students about water resource issues. Now, teachers will have an opportunity to take their students beyond the stream boundaries to look at the watershed as a whole through the Bureau of State Parks new Watershed Education program.

Watershed Education is designed for students in grades six and up. It incorporates action oriented, multi-disciplinary learning methods to enhance watershed awareness. It promotes investigation, research and decision making skills. Community involvement is encouraged. Networking with community members, other schools, resource agencies and local businesses will foster use of the community as an extension of the classroom.

Teachers can attend a training workshop sponsored by the Bureau of State Parks at which they will receive a manual to guide their students. The Bureau will assist in developing community partnerships and will maintain a web page and database. The Bureau will also coordinate topic-specific seminars and student leadership conferences.

For information on how to participate in the program, call Terri Kromel, Statewide Coordinator, at 717-783-4361. Or call the WREN Resource Center at 1-800-692-7281 for a list of state parks offering watershed education.

Final Swap Goes to EPA
DEP has submitted to EPA the Pennsylvania Source Water Assessment and Protection Program (SWAP), a document required by the Safe Drinking Water Act to show how the state will meet the requirement that all sources of drinking water serving public water systems be assessed by the end of 2001. For Pennsylvania, this means assessing more than 14,000 drinking water sources. According to the advocacy group Clean Water Action, the Plan was greatly improved through the public participation process used to develop it.

The WREN project published a Special Edition of Water Policy News on the Pennsylvania SWAP, Protecting Drinking Water Sources. The Special Edition was mailed to the WPN mailing list in April and to all public water
suppliers in July. If you did not receive your copy, or would like additional copies to distribute in your community, call the WREN Resource Center, 1-800-692-7281.

This newsletter is a project of the League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania Citizen Education Fund - WREN.   Funded by a grant from the PA Dept. of Environmental Protection

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