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Planning/Development Publications

Water Resources Plan for Delaware River Basin (Delaware River Basin Commission, 2004, 100 pp) provides a vision for water resources management in the Basin. Available on the DRBC website: www.drbc.net

Open Space Series
A series of publications for municipalities and groups interested in preserving open space, published by the Heritage Conservancy. Available at www.heritageconservancy.org .

Protecting Water Resources with Smart Growth (US EPA, 2004, 116 pp, EPA 231-R-04-002 ) documents innovative approaches that state and local governments and water quality professionals can use to achieve their smart growth and water quality goals. Available by email from ncepimal@one.net or call 1-800-490-9198 and request EPA publication 231-R-04-002, Available at: http://www.epa.gov/smartgrowth.

Strategic Planning: A Handbook for Small Water Systems
( US EPA, 2003, 30 pp, pub no. 816-R-03-015)
designed to help small drinking water systems meet public expectations and regulatory requirements while maintaining organizational and financial stability. Available on-line at: http://www.epa.gov/safewater/smallsys/ssinfo.htm.  or by calling the Safe Drinking Water Hotline at 1-800-426-4791  For more information, please contact Andrew Bielanski at (202) 564-3824.

Backyard Stream Buffers
(Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, 2003, 6 pp)
A “how-to” guide for homeowners. Available from ACB, http://www.alliancechesbay.org , 717-737-8622

Paving Our Way to Water Shortages: How Sprawl Aggravates the Effects of Drought)
(American Rivers, Natural Resources Defense Council, Smart Growth America, 2003, 31 pp)
Examines suburbanized areas and calculates groundwater losses due to increases in impervious surfaces.Reprints available from WREN, contact porterk@indianaconnect.com or at www.americanrivers.org/docs/SprawlReportFINAL1.pdf

The Costs of Sprawl in Pennsylvania (10000 Friends of Pennsylvania, Executive Summary 14 pp, full report 90 pp., 2000) a report on the hidden costs of sprawl, how big they are and who pays for them. Executive Summary is available online at www.10000friends.org or in hard copy (free of charge). Full report costs $10.00. E-mail info@10000friends.org or call 1-877-568-2225 or write 117 South 17th Street, Suite 2300, Philadelphia, PA 19103-5022 for copies.

Opportunity Knocks- Open Space as a Community Investment (Heritage Conservancy, 2000 ) looks at the cost of purchasing land and conservation easements vs the shortfall in taxes to pay for public schools if the land is developed. The report looks at the experience of 14 Bucks County municipalities that have made open space preservation a priority. Available from the Heritage Conservancy, 215-345-7020.

Pennsylvania Handbook fo Best Management Practices for Developing Areas (PA Association of Conservation Districts) a site planning and best management practice selection guide for those involved in land development projects. Available for $25 from PACD, 4999 Jonestown Rd., Suite 203, Harrisburg, PA 17109; 717-545-8878;

Planning Communities for the 21st Century (American Planning Association) an analysis of state planning statutes and legislative activity; reports that interest is high in reform of state planning laws to address growth management issues. Available for $10 from APA, 312-431-0100.




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